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caseable x EyeEm - Mission: Art is Portable

Given that you’re already reading the caseable blog, it seems safe to assume you’re into things that are really, really ridiculously good looking…

So meet EyeEm, our latest partners in crime, who are well ahead of the curve when it comes to making your photographs look incredible.

EyeEm is the leading community and marketplace for a fresh generation of photographers to enhance their skills and connect with new audiences. Their free mobile app is available in 20 languages on the App Store and on Google Play. Get the app to unleash your inner artist.

Download the app for IOS or Android to start snapping and sharing!

And your Mission? Art is Portable - share your snaps on EyeEm to be in with the chance to win your own photographs printed on the caseable case of your choice, keeping your artwork up close and personal. 

For full competition details, head on over to EyeEm’s Mission brief

Team caseable will be choosing the winners, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!





caseable x Lomography

Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with Lomography to bring you one seriously photogenic competition.


For those unfamiliar, Lomography is a way of life. An iconic camera brand that’s also a magazine, a shop and a whole world-wide community, these guys are dedicated to spontaneous, experimental analogue photography. Like us, they love creativity and design more than their own mothers - so this collaboration really is a match made in artistic heaven.

Are you snap-happy? Want to win some incredible Lomo camera goodies and see your own artistry splashed across a caseable case? All you need to do is show us your Best Shot of 2013!

You’ve got until the end of March to choose up to ten of your favourite photographs from the past year, so what are you waiting for? For full info on how to enter, click here

But what if you can’t wait ‘til the end of the month, and need to get your hands on Lomo gear RIGHT NOW?

Don’t panic… The lovely people at Lomography have given us an exclusive discount to share with our caseable community. For 15% off in their Online Store, just use CaseableLOMO at the checkout. Valid until 31st May, 2014.



On the Couch with Joy StClaire


We sat down with the amazing and effervescent Joy StClaire to talk about her awe-inspiring photography.

Joy’s photographs evoke memories of her childhood in Ohio, and of time spent outdoors on her grandfather’s farm. She has a great attention to detail that can be seen in her close-ups of flower petals, morning sun breaking through the tree crowns or in the detailed ornaments of a carousel. Just as they do art prints, her work looks stunning on our cases and we admire her spirit that comes with it!

When did you decide to become a photographer? 
I don’t know that I actually decided! For as long as I can remember, it is just how I have always seen the world – in “frames” or “squares”, and always being aware of light. About 10 years ago, I decided to actually turn this passion into something mainstream after receiving inquiries from people who had seen my work.

What is the first photograph you ever took? 
Ah! I still have it and just looked at it the other day! I spent much time at my grandfather’s farm in the mountains and photographed the sunset while up in his fields one evening.


What is the most inspiring travel destination for you? 
I loved the rugged wilderness and coastal towns of Nova Scotia, Canada and I also loved the landscapes and fishing villages of the Blue Hill Peninsula in Maine. On my bucket list? Charleston, South Carolina , Newfoundland, Canada , Scotland and the Oregon Coast.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you after your career took off? 
I keep looking at this question and almost laughing, because I guess I don’t really stop long enough to think of it in those terms (my career taking off). I feel I’m always growing and building. I guess I’m not so much looking behind, as I’m always looking ahead and thinking of the next phase and evolution of my art. I tend to stay in the moment and experience life as it happens continually around me. So I would say the whole journey is the best thing!

If you could travel back in time where would you go? 
Where would I go? I think maybe the Renaissance because it was such a time of exploration and had such amazing art and artists. Or maybe the Roaring 20s/Jazz Age because it was a time of changing views and focus on culture, art and music.

What is your favorite book or what are you currently reading? 
One of my favorite books was The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein – loved it!! And currently I’m reading The Little Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.


What’s your favorite photograph of yours and why? 
This is always changing!! Right now, I think it’s Inner Peace because it was taken while I was exploring the foggy woods of the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania while reconnecting with my college sweetheart!

Do you have any new projects you’re currently working on? 
At this time of year (so very cold!) I work on creating new still life pieces, usually with fruits or flowers or food and I am enjoying shooting on my aqua vintage table. Everything looks so pretty on it! I’m also talking with some artists about doing collaborations, and am thinking about doing a collage project.

You take amazing nature photos but if you could choose to photograph any famous figure, who would it be and why? 
Thanks so much! I would love to photograph Amelia Earhart. She has always fascinated me and inspired me – following her passion to fly and always being her own person, taking chances and not believing in barriers. Of course her clothing and plane would make for amazing props in a shoot!

Click here to see Joy’s gorgeous photos in action, on our cases!



Happy Holidays!

To all our fans, customers and supporters,

Big thanks for being part of our community!

Cheers from Brooklyn and Berlin, 

Your caseable Team



#selfiecase Instagram Contest

Listen up all our fashion-forward, daring, selfie-obsessed women out there. We are holding a fun-spirited #selfiecase contest to see who’s selfie is the fairest of them all!

The contest begins Today, December 5, 2013 at 12:00pm ET and concludes Thursday, December 12 at 11:59 pm ET.

 How to Enter:

  • No purchase necessary to enter the contest, just the will to perfect your selfie
  • Make sure you are following @caseable and @bjonesstyle 

 How to Participate:

  • Share your best selfie photo, that visibly includes your current phone case, on Instagram
  • Hashtag your awesome selfie picture with #selfiecase
  • Share as many #selfiecase photos as you’d like during the Entry Period (we won’t judge)
We can’t wait to see all the creative and fun selfies out there. It will be LEGEN-wait for it..and start practicing your selfie in the mirror-DARY! 

Click here for the official rules.



Introducing the #selfiecase

Selfies are having a real (okay, a major) moment. Did you know the word was just named "Word of the Year 2013" by Oxford Dictionaries? From Bieber’s abs to Beyonce’s “Instagram frame” that trumped all celebrity selfies, even the famous have officially gone selfie-crazy. Not to mention, it’s completely a coincidence that the "Zuckerberg Selfie Stick" was released today. 

So rather than pretending like we don’t care, or worse, have never taken one ourselves (come on, really?!), we’re embracing it with gusto. 

We’re pumped to officially introduce you to our first ever #selfiecase, created in collaboration with the ever-so-stylish and self-professed “selfie-addict,” Beth Jones of B Jones Style. 

It’s for the confident selfie-obsessed who isn’t ashamed to be a little self deprecating at times. See for yourself.


*Image courtesy of Beth Jones, our favorite selfie-addict.

Now available for the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, the #selfiecase is ready to take your selfies to the next level of humor, fun and style. Warning: the #selfiecase may make others envious of your selfies. 

Get a closer look and your hands on the #selfiecase here:

Infographic: Who’s More Creative - eReader or Tablet Users

Quotes vs. jokes? Cats vs. dogs? Favorite novels vs. movie scenes? We were curious to know what our customers most often customized on their eReader and Tablet covers. Trust us, we’ve seen it all; the creative cases, the simple cases, the (cough) very “interesting” cases. So for curiosity to not kill our, custom designed, cat we decided to find out which group is the more creative bunch.

We dug into our data and partnered with our friends at to create this awesome infographic illustrating exactly what we discovered. Take a look. You might be surprised with some of our findings.

Custom cases are a new trend (infographic) | Ebook Friendly

Via Ebook Friendly



On the Couch with Ali Gulec

An exclusive interview, introducing his latest work on Skull Town

We got a sneak peek into the life of the Istanbul based artist, Ali Gulec, who is most commonly known for his wide selection of skull designs and artwork which aims to question certain stereotypes. His work circulates not only around the web, but is also featured in well-known magazines, galleries and museums around the world, printed on clothing and many international brands also seek his assistance in design creation. Don’t be surprised that big fans of Ali’s work like to create a more permanent remembrance of his designs and go straight for a tattoo!

When Ali isn’t too busy with his design agency “ikiiki”, he provides caseable with amazing artwork that proved to be stunning on all cases and is popular among all. If you like to know more about Ali’s life and where his creativity comes from, keep on reading our interview we prepared for you!


What does being an artist mean to you? Give us a brief breakdown of what a typical day is like as Ali Gulec the artist? 
In fact, I still don’t see myself as an artist. Since my childhood, I’ve been drawing, sketching, illustrating. I always used to be like this and never meant to create something for “art”. I just did it because I enjoyed it. I’m professionally making T-shirt designs for many well- known brands which are mostly in Europe. It’s generally a fun job, but when I’m bored I start making illustrations just for myself.

Have you always wanted to work as an artist and graphic designer? What was your childhood dream profession? 
Before I was able to draw a line, I always dreamed of being a superhero like Superman. But when I started using a pencil, I knew what I’d be.

What’s the most influential experience you’ve had that may have had an impact on your work, past or present? 
One day when I was in high school, I was scratching figures on my desk with a sharp razor. One of the senior students saw the drawings and asked me to show my works to a well known comics magazine in Istanbul. I went there next week and my works were chosen. That day I learnt that you can make money by drawing.

In your work you frequently portray the skull design. What does it mean to you and why has it become one of your recurring symbols? 
I was a big fan of metal music once, and I always made posters of imaginary bands. Skulls were the must have elements of course, and I guess that’s how skulls entered my life.


How did the idea come around for your newest piece Skull Town? How do you decide which elements to form your skulls from? 
The Skull Town idea was something that was in my mind for a very long time. It’s a reflection of the image that occurs in my mind when I think of the fairy tales I heard as I was a kid. A place that you wish it was real, but you know you can see it only if you’re in a fairy tale or a dream.

Do you have a favorite artist that you always looked up to or that might have inspired you? 
Maurits Cornelis Escher. I can’t say I’m inspired by him, but to me, he’s the greatest artist ever.

Music and art are universal languages that unite people from all walks of life. Does music ever inspire your work? If so, what music genre, album or artist is inspiring you right now? 
Nowadays, I’m inspired more by lyrics or anonymous quotes than music.

You know we’re partly based in Brooklyn and Berlin, two booming artistic and stylish cities in the world. If you had to choose…which would it be, Brooklyn or Berlin and why? 
Berlin has great street art going on, so I think my choice is Berlin.

If you could give your 17-year old self one word of advice, what would it be? 
Never mind. 

Click here to discover more of Ali Gulec's designs. 



#caseable3yr Anniversary Bash

We have exciting news and want our fans to be part of it. 

caseable is officially heading out of the terrible twos and leaping into the third year. We finally decided to cool off our printing machines and heat presses, put down the threads and needles, close the laptops, and celebrate what we have accomplished so far. If that doesn’t require throwing a huge bash—in our honor—we don’t know what does.

Our three-year anniversary celebration will take place Thursday, November 14, and since it will be our first party ever thrown, we fully intend to make it an unforgettable one.

Not to toot our own horn, but we know a thing or two about throwing a party. (Work hard, play hard!) See what we’ve got planned:

What’s most significant for us is the exciting and rare opportunity to have fans, customers, bloggers and partners all in one boisterous room. Come celebrate with us and get an up close and personal look at our brand, culture and the team that proudly handcrafts your custom cases. 

So, see if your calendar is free, and pop in to join the fun!

RSVP: (include number of guests)

While at the the event, make sure to share your event photo with the hashtag #caseable3yr for your chance to win a $100 gift card towards caseable.

Spread the word and join us at #caseable3yr



Berlin And Brooklyn: Why One Startup Opted To Tackle Two Continents At Once

Featured in Forbes today, why our co-founders, Marvin Amberg and Klaus Wegener decided to tackle two continents at once. Read on to discover our BKLYN to BRLN story.